Appointment Length Times, Appointment Policies & Potential Fees

At OMG Mobile Pet Spa & More  we strive to provide excellent 5 star care for furry family member big & small. Our services take a bit longer than the “traditional grooming shop” as we do an in depth bath,90%  hand blow dry and we pace ourselves with your pets mood. This three step detailed process creates a calm and relaxing  grooming environment and better quality care and finalized services. We book spa guests by service type(s) and expected service time length, however service times all depend on your furry family member size, coat condition and comfort level. We work with each guest one on one to create a positive experience and to maintain safety while grooming. Upon drop off we will do a consult and will give you an approximate window  time  for expected pick up.

We understand that schedules may vary, but we kindly request that pet parents coordinate their schedules to allow us adequate time to properly care for their furry family member to our standards. We will do our best to coordinate with your schedules; however we won’t rush our services for safety reasons. Upon 10 minutes before  completing a service a phone call and or a  text  will be made to let you know your pet is/are ready for pick up.

Again, we understand that everyone has a schedule to maintain and different life circumstance and as much as we’d love the company we kindly request that pets are picked up shortly after being called upon. Again with safety in mind, we can only safely contain so many pets at once. We book in a strategic manner that avoids “over booking” which also creates the peaceful environment we strive to create and are well known for. When pets are not picked up for several hours after services this limits our space for the next spa guests checking in. Also, when pets are left in our care for several hours we are responsible for potty breaks and any other care they may need which we will happily provide of course. However, the extended care does deplete time from our other guests.

Our main concern is safety as always as  we can’t exceed a certain amount of pets within our small shop at once; especially larger pets.

Any  pet/pets that are  left  1 hour after being called/ or text  for pick up will be charged a daycare fee of $10 an hour. This fee will be applied in hopes to encourage a timely pick up so we can ensure safety for all furry family members in our care.

Thank you for understanding.

Late Pick Up:
We close our salon Monday-Saturday at 6pm, pets picked up after 6pm MAY be subject to a late pick up fee. Again as stated above we understand the potential of conflicting schedules and will do our best to ensure flexibility; however we kindly request that pet parents keep this time in mind when coordinating schedules. We understand that there may be some circumstances that may keep a pet parent from picking up on time and we ensure to be fair in regards to this.

At the end of the day we have groomed many furry family members with TLC  and as much as we love what we do,  we need to get some rest too to be able to pamper spa guest the next day’s. 🙂

If for any reason any pets are left over night, an over night boarding fee will apply. Any pet/pets left over night will be taken to the owners home for  adequate housing for the evening, food and water. As by law no pet is allowed to stay over night at the facility.  Pet/pets left over night will be available for pick up next business day at 9am (unless specified by management.)

Early Drop Off:
To help accommodate the active pet parent’s schedules we will allow early drop off for your furry family member 1 hour before their scheduled service(s) without a fee. NOT VALID before business hours; as our salon opens at 9am. This MAY allow us to start services early if our scheduling allows, however if your rascal(s) is/are dropped off early please keep in mind that most likely services won’t begin until the scheduled appointment time. furry family members dropped off more than 1 hour early will be subject to a daycare hourly  charge.

{With the potential charges listed above we ensure to be fair, these charges aren’t intended to inconvenience anyone, but to ensure safety in our salon by reducing the amount of pets left in our facility at once. Again, we appreciate your understanding and valued business.}

Late to your appointment:
Although we try to be fair with life’s unexpected moment’s, pets over 20 minutes late to their scheduled appointment MAY be asked to reschedule.

When we book a pet for a requested service we book based on the breed, coat type, and service request; we allow adequate time to groom each rascal in our care. We kindly request that if you need to cancel your pets scheduled appointment to allow us 24 hours’ notice so we can fill your time slot prior to the next business day. We understand that life happens however when we book a time slot that time slot is specifically reserved for your pet(s) in which could have been filled by another client if given more notice if an appointment needs to be canceled. Clients that exceed three cancellations 24 hours to their scheduled appointments may be required to place deposits on all new appointments.

Repeat no shows/no courtesy call:
Our system automatically notes client accounts that have a no show history. Clients that have a high no show history may not be given desired times for scheduling.
A $35.00-$50.00 fee may be added and a card must be on file to the account if the client has excessive no shows in order to re-book or a client may be given notice of client termination.

Potential Fees:

Potential fees are usually covered within the $1 a minute overtime for our special needs, first time grooms, and seniors. It is the same $1 per minute as the fee.

There will be a $25 not neutered/ spayed fee the reasoning for this is having non fixed rascal(s) could cause issues. They tend to have a higher energy, could become wiggly worms, have more anxiety than usual and become distracted when another dog is in the area. This could cause the appointment to run longer than planned. And for non spayed girls, they could leave blood behind and it’s really unsanitary and simply gross to clean.

There could be a de-matting fee up to $25 even if your rascal does it shaved down it could take an hour just to shave them down properly and safely. It could be a struggle and even more of a struggle if the rascal isn’t used to grooming. This process of shaving could take over an hour. We do this charge on severe matting.

For impacted coats we recommend the $18 de ‘shedding treatment to help.


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