B + B

Short Hair Adult: $135
Medium Hair Adult: $145
Long Hair Adult: $155
Short Hair Kitten: $145
Medium Hair Kitten: $155
Long Hair Kitten: $165

Shave Additional $35

Comes with ear cleaning, nail cutting & filling, anal glands, teeth brushing (if cat permits), mouth wash spray, blue berry facial, 2 bath scrubs, conditioner, hand blow dry, and 10-minute brush out. You can add a tidy-up or fully body haircut as well.

If you pass the 1 hour mark, then the next 15 minutes are free and every minute is $1.

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Nail Trimming A la Carte

$65 (If more then 1 pet, each pet is $25)
Ear cleaning, nail trimming and filling, teeth brushing (if cats permits us!).
If not then a Cat Listerine, 10 min brush-out, pad trimming & Cat treat bag.

Adding Cat Nail Caps = $35

Why Kittens are more?

Kittens are like a Scorpio. They are superpower fast and have no control over their claws or bites. They tend to overuse their defense mechanism. So all it takes is one severe bite or scratch can change a cat groomer to become a non-groomer.