By choosing our salon to pamper your furry family member,  you are agreeing to providing one of these forms of vaccine document’s. We do all we can  to ensure clients are aware of this policy, from our web content to discussing the requirements when making an appointment over the phone. We have state of the art email services where these email’s are sent automatically when an appointment is made and two days prior to a scheduled appointment reminding you and asking to confirm. We strongly ask kindly to please make sure to confirm your appt via text or email. We also call the day before the scheduled appointment to remind the pet parent(s) of what is needed for any new clients.

We are diligent with this process and try to be as helpful as possible. We do all we can to ensure our appointment’s are maintained, as we don’t want appointment discrepancies due to missing vaccines, thus we try to set up potential clients up for success. However at times, these efforts are over looked. We are not to be held responsible for a clients over sight in our efforts in regards to our vaccine policy.

Vaccine Requirements:


Bordetella (puppies must have TWO series)
DHP/DHLP (puppies must have TWO series)
Rabies (puppies under 9 months can be accepted without vaccine)



Full Policy

Our Vaccine Policy:

Every pet parent is entitled to their own beliefs and we have designed our policy to be as accommodating as possible while ensuring the safety of our spa guests. If you disagree with our policy we kindly request you refrain from disputing with us as this only depletes time we could be helping other guests. Thank you.   Please read below as we do accept titer tests and other options as we try to be as accommodating as possible.

Upon making your furry family member first appointment with us, we will request your veterinarian’s information. We would be happy to call your pets health care provider to obtain the documents for proof of vaccines in advance.
If we notice any vaccine discrepancies we will notify you prior to your pet’s spa day and provide you with vaccines resources (if needed.) This method is preferred as we can catch any vaccine discrepancies in advance. We have a wide data base of local veterinarians we can call on your behalf for your pet’s records. This convenience call is applicable for local providers only, any out of state care providers will need to be contacted by the pet parent(s).

OR if you’d like to contact your veterinarian directly.

{Although we have a wide data base of providers we can contact for your pets vaccine history, we can’t contact the following due to their wide database: VETCO (Petco’s vaccine clinic) – Or ANY local shelter vaccine clinic.}

Due to this being a due diligence process to aid potential customers, we can not deplete time to other clients / guests by contacting multiple vets for one client. If your pet(s) recieved multiple vaccines at different establishments you may be asked to call and have the vet’s email you / our salon or for you to bring documentation in upon drop off.

You can contact vetco at 1-877-838-7468 to have your pets records emailed to us. You can also print your vaccines from home by going to vetco online and entering your email provided upon date of service.

Some veterinary establishments have recently enforced a non-disclosure policy, disabling release of vaccine records to anyone, but the pet parent(s) / account holder(s). We have marked these vets accordingly in our system and will notify pet parents upon booking. If you are a new client and your pet care provider is choosing to enforce this policy, you will ultimately be responsible for obtaining and providing us with these records prior to your appointment, via email or dropping off records in advance.

If you request to bring your own documents in day of services that is accepted as well. We understand that you may have several documents and may need an animal industry experts eye on sorting the documents.

However, if there are any vaccine discrepancies (missing vaccines or expired vaccines) please be advised that we may not be able to accept your pet(s) for services that day.

We understand as a pet parent keeping track of vaccines can be task that can be forgotten or hard to keep track of, thus we will be happy to guide you on how to read your paper work and how to fix any discrepancies. If your documents have no discrepancies we can make copies of your documents to keep on file.

Upon obtaining your pets vaccines we will input the vaccines & dates into our software and file the documents along with your contract. If your pet’s vaccines are due to expire prior to an upcoming appointment our software will notify us and we will in turn notify you.

Vaccine Requirements:


Bordetella (puppies must have first TWO series)

DHP/DHLP (puppies must have first TWO series)

Rabies (puppies under 9 months can be accepted without vaccine)




If your pets can’t receive a vaccine or vaccines:

If your rascal has a medical condition in which he/she can’t receive a vaccine please have your veterinarian provide a letter stating the pets medical condition and that we can proceed with services without the vaccine(s). (Valid for bordetella & dhp only.) Pets MAY be required a vet visit every 4-6 months to be medically cleared for services.

If your pet(s) can’t receive the rabies vaccine:

Unfortunately we CAN NOT accept any pets without their rabies vaccine(s.)

We understand that there may be a medical reason your pet(s) can’t receive the vaccine however for insurance / liability reasons we cannot accept pets without this vaccine. Many local veterinarians can groom pets without the rabies vaccine as they carry a different form of insurance. References available upon request.

Additional information / what’s next: We understand that in some cases pets may not be able to receive the rabies vaccine for a medical reason, this can be documented by the client’s veterinarian as the care provider sees fit. However, to legally deem the pet as “exempt” from the rabies vaccine there is an additional process that the pet parent is legally responsible for. Upon your vet making the decision that your pet(s) cannot medically receive the rabies vaccine you are to fill out a rabies exemption form with the Department of Animal Services of Riverside ( (951-358-7387.) Then the veterinarian that deemed your pet(s) to not receive the rabies vaccine would then sign this form. Then the form would have to be submitted via the Riverside County Department of Animal Services for their registered veterinarian to review / process approval or denial. Then the pet owners would have to license the pet(s) via Riverside County Department of Animal Services.

Choose not to vaccinate? Bordetella & DHP

We respect every pet parent’s beliefs, we are not asking pet parents to vaccinate just for services. Over “vaccinating” has been a topic of recent debate, a true grey area as no studies fully support either side. We don’t expect clients to “over vaccinate” just for services, we kindly suggest consulting your veterinarian with any vaccine related questions and / or concerns you may have. We would be happy to accommodate your pet(s) as long as they/he/she has either a titer test or a EXAM letter from your veterinarian on file every three months stating the pet is in good health to receive services.

Titers are accepted:

We understand that to vaccinate or not to vaccinate can be a delicate topic. Thus, we accept titer tests. What are titers? A titer test (pronounced tight-errr) is a laboratory or in-house veterinary test measuring the existence and level of antibodies (necessary to fight off disease) in your pet’s blood. Basically, it’s a test that will tell you whether you need to vaccinate your pet. Please have documentation from your veterinarian of your pet’s recent titer.

Preferred Vaccine Documents:

A document from your veterinarian that lists your pet’s current vaccines, date given, date to expire, and vaccine lot number (if applicable.)

Self-administered vaccines:

If you self-administer your dog’s bordetella and dhp/dhlp:

The best “legal” way to keep track of these vaccinations is to remove the vaccine sticker off the vaccine vile after administering and placing the sticker(s) in your pet’s vaccine booklet with the date administered. You can also remove the sticker(s) and place on the back of the receipt of where the vaccines were purchased from with the date given. We can make copies of these documents and keep them on file.

We CAN NOT accept self-administered rabies vaccinations. Per the California veterinarian associations board, the rabies vaccine must be administered by a licensed veterinarian. 


Written Vaccine Documents:

Written forms of vaccine documentation will not be accepted for legal reasons. These forms are records are intended for at home record keeping, not for legal documentation. These forms of documentation can only be accepted if the stickers are placed as suggested above.


TAGS: Tags- more specifically rabies tags can NOT be accepted as proof of vaccination. YOUR WORD: Although we entrust that all our pet parents are truthful to our policies we can’t accept your word, as we need legal documentation that these vaccines had been administered.

Newly Adopted pet: {From a shelter}

Congratulations on the new addition to your family! We can’t wait to meet him or her on their first spa day with us! However, please review below:

As we are in close vicinity to the local animal shelter, and although shelter staff does their best to ensure healthy pets sometimes pets leave sick. Shortly after adopting a pet from a shelter they could show no signs of being sick, some common illness’s that shelter pets are susceptible to don’t become apparent until several days or weeks after adoption. Therefore, we request that upon adopting your new pet from a shelter environment that you allow three weeks in between scheduling your new family members first service. Most shelter pet’s vaccines are newly administered by shelter staff and need a couple weeks to ensure the pet is fully protected.

“My pet was vaccinated today, why isn’t this accepted?”

As stated above vaccines typically take two weeks to fully absorb in your pet’s system. Grooming / bathing your pet after vaccines have been administered may not be in the best interest of your pet(s) as at times newly administered vaccines can cause sore areas and/or cause a pet to become lethargic or a pet may have a vaccine reaction.

Why Is Your Vaccine Policy “So Strict”? My Pets Haven’t Been Required To Have Those Vaccines At Other Grooming Salons

We are asked this often, and it’s an understandable question. There are a variety of reasons why our vaccine policy is strict while other salons choose to not enforce such policies. In the “grooming world” to vaccinate or not to vaccinate is a delicate topic. The unfortunate truth of the matter is that due to some salons across the nation not being cautious it has resulted in pets becoming ill shortly after grooming appointments. Your pet’s safety is our number one priority at OMG Mobile Pet Spa & More! We want to ensure that all pets entering our shop are in good health & are vaccinated. Although a salon is clean, a sick pet can make a huge impact on a salon potentially infecting multiple pets via a casual encounter or even an air born illness. Won’t you lose potential customers? This may be true; however, we think the safety of the pets we have been entrusted to care for is more important.

In addition, there is a new bill being proposed to our government, again due to many reports of neglect by other salons and even chain establishments. The bill is proposing grooming be more regulated, without getting into the legal specific’s we’d like to stay ahead of this potential issue. Also, our team members safety is equally as important as the pets we have been entrusted to care for. A bite from an un-vaccinated pet can not only cause pain and discomfort to an employee, but can cause legal repercussions on the pet (quarantine per law), the pet parents, and the business- not a risk we are willing to take.

Thank you for taking the time to review our vaccine policy. If you have any additional questions in regards to our policy don’t hesitate to ask. Your pets comfort & safety go hand in hand as our number one priority at OMG Mobile Pet Spa & More.

Ask us about our vaccine resources and veterinarian referrals.